We Need Your Voice!

Cats need your help! You may have read that the City of Los Angeles is considering a new proposal to implement a Citywide Cat Program that would provide funding and support to community groups that engage in spay/neuter, trap/neuter/return (TNR), education about community cats, and outreach programs for cats.

The final decision to approve the program or not, is pending an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is in process now, and includes an opportunity for public comment. There are some powerful and well-funded groups that are opposed to the implementation of this type of cat program which is why we need your voice to be heard in support of the "Cat Program".

Please take a few moments to email the City of Los Angeles telling them that you support the 2017 Citywide Cat Program.

We Need Your Voice! || LA Citywide Cat Program


Our efforts in this critical area also include education and outreach—which encompasses our Hotline. Stray Cat Alliance endeavors to help all cats, all the time, and in doing so, seeks to consistently increase visibility and recognition. Volunteers do so at booths and tables at local events, street fairs and public forums; in neighborhoods, canvassing and sharing free educational materials; by petition-signing for legislation to protect cats’ rights and the effectiveness of TNR; producing website and e-news about the care and advocacy of cats. SCA answers Hotline support requests, educating and empowering citizens to take action for the cats in their world whether it be their neighborhood, work, or anywhere else.

Our director is an expert and sought-after public speaker in the specialized areas of pet overpopulation and humane issues regarding cats. Under her direction, Stray Cat Alliance volunteers provide support for animal-related dispute resolution and engage in effective grassroots letter-writing campaigns to stimulate pro-cat political legislation.