Help Stray Cat Alliance Bring
Comfort & Joy to Homeless & Helpless
Cats & Kittens This Holiday Season!

Sweet Contentment with a new friend!

Stray Cat Alliance is all about the BEFORE and AFTER!
BEFORE is homeless and helpless and AFTER is healthy in a happy home!

When little Denny was rescued by Stray Cat Alliance, he had a serious eye infection and as with most of our rescues, he was malnourished and had parasites. After much time spent giving Denny care and getting him healthy and ready for adoption, he has found his forever home. The second photo is Denny now, with his best friend in his new forever home. Sweet Contentment! We love a happy ending! We believe all cats deserve a life like Denny has finally found. If you want to help kittens like Denny, please volunteer, foster or support cats like Denny by donating today!

Give the Gift of Life to Helpless & Homeless Cats this holiday season!